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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An exciting new series - Babe on a budget - I think the name speaks for itself, but this is basically going to be all about looking your best when your bank balance is small (aka, my life at the moment, fun times!) I'm not sure how regular this will be, since I don't go make-up shopping that often, but I'm going to try my best to keep it a semi-regular feature.

Until very recently, I wasn't really that bothered with eyeshadow - I mean, I always thought it looked nice on other people, but I was perfectly happy with my standard black liner (one thing I can kind-of brag about is that I've just-about perfected the ultimate cat-eye, but maybe that's a post for another day!)

All that changed when my amazing friend Linda surprised me with the LA Girl NUDES palette a couple of months ago - oh my goodness, this is incredible... such a good mix of mattes and shimmers, perfect for any occasion. I remember these sold out really quickly, and I'm not sure if Dischem has restocked them yet. I also can't quite remember how much this was, but it was definitely under the 100 mark. Totally worth picking up if you do see this.

A more recent purchase is the HD Perfect 10 eyeshadow palette - I spotted this at Clicks about two weeks ago and at only R40 (yes, you read correctly, forty rand) it's another total catch. This one is a really nice mix of warm shades, which is perfect if you have blue or grey eyes like me. They also had a darker/ cooler toned version, so if you have green or brown eyes, then definitely give that one a try.

As you can probably see, both of these have already had their fair share of use, in fact, I use at least one of the shadows every day, so both palettes are definitely worth it - not that you need much convincing with prices like this though!

Do you have any budget beauty faves? I'd love to hear!

x A

And a quick disclaimer: I am no professional when it comes to makeup and skincare, I'm simply a girl who loves a bit of something-something from time to time. Hopefully you'll enjoy what I put up here!

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