Grace Loves Lace

Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm not exactly sure where I first heard about the Australian label, Grace Loves Lace, but I've been completely swooning over their instagram lately. Now, before I go any further, I'll just say that this is a bit of an uncharted area to be posting about since I'm not planning on getting married any time soon, but I think I can still safely file this under the "style" category. Anyway, enough rambling!

"Espousing a fresh and unique take on the experience of getting married, we are proud to be the revolutionaries defining a new era of bride; the modern, free-spirited woman unbound by monotony and tradition. For the woman with style, substance and originality. She is the unique bride..

We specialise in unique, free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated luxe wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French laces and silks. Here at Grace Loves Lace we are so in love with what we do. We are excited to be growing as a movement, shirking the commerciality of getting married, revelling in the pure joy, and stripping it all back down to where it belongs; to love and love alone. All for you, the avant-garde, the free spirited, the rule breaker, the earthen, the gypsetter, the vintage goddess, the chic modernista, the true bohemian beauty; we welcome you to our divine paradigm. Long live the woman who throws it all to the wind, chooses and follows through with conviction and zeal, who is reckless in her passion, nomadic in her joy, progressive in her beliefs, knows exactly what she wants, and always, always bets everything on love."

Sounds pretty incredible, don't ya think?

For more awe-inspiring gowns, do check out their website and instagram.


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